SEA.LAM Archive teamed up with BlackPepper, to digitise garments from our permanent collection.

Our aim is to create an open platform for users to explore how the items move, fit and interact with their environment.

Per Gotesson, AW19 Leopard Aviator Jacket
Per Gotesson, AW19 Soft Drape Aviator Jacket
Per Gotesson x Weekday, Slash Hoodie
Per Gotesson x Weekday, Twisted Slash Hoodie
Rick Owens, AW19 Fairbank Trousers
Per Gotesson, AW19 Soft Drape Trousers
Per Gotesson, SS21 Pleated Jeans
Per Gotesson, AW19 Zip Jeans
Issey Miyake Men, AW97 Exo-Skeleton T-Shirt
Issey Miyake, SS84 Sloped Knit
Per Gotesson, AW19 Toga Slash T-Shirt

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